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The Farmstead is an outstanding example of early homesteading in Idaho. It serves as an agricultural history learning center for the Dry Creek Valley through exhibits and site tours. The property sits on approx. 2 acres and includes the Farmhouse (one of the older intact houses in Ada County and the State of Idaho), Structures include: Red House/Cook House, Root Cellar, Woodshed, Saddle Shed, Horse & Dairy Barn, Granary, Chicken Yard, Goat Pen, Medicinal Garden and lovely grounds and gardens.

There are many ongoing projects on the property and we tackle them one by one.  The latest was the reconstruction of the Granary.  Please click the below button to see the process from the beginning to completion.  

The Horse Barn and Woodshed are next on our agenda!  Click below to check our status.

Medicinal Garden

Front of Farmhouse

Granary at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony after Reconstruction

Video Tours of the Property

kitchen thumbnail.JPG

Video Tour of the Inside Kitchen

and Outdoor Kitchen

Property Thumbnail.JPG

Video Tour of  Back of the

Farmstead Property

Rootcellar Thumnail.JPG

Video Tour of the Exterior of the Root Cellar

Front of house thumbnail.JPG

Video Tour the Front of the House

Aireal View Thumbnail.JPG

Aerial Tour of the Property

Farmstead Residents

Did you know the Farmstead is a working farm to goats and chickens!? Families love to come and visit them and take photos.  Come one come all, but please refrain from feeding them.  Their caregivers take great pains to keep them healthy and their weight under control!  There are also wild rabbits that live on the property, you can often see them in the spring and summer meandering around the property.

Meet the Goats:


Named after the historic Dry Creek Nellie.


Also known as Olive to some Hidden Springs families.  


He's the only boy in the bunch!  

The ladies enjoy hanging out in their pen!

Unexpected Resident

We had another visitor in 2020.  A black kitten was living with the goats in their pen since at least August of 2020.  When a board member found out, in early December, she enlisted the help of a neighbor to set up a trap in the barn.  And that cold night at 1:30am he was trapped and taken in to a warm home. 


It was quickly determined that he was not feral and was only about 6 months old!  He has since been adopted by the board member and his name is Barney - in honor of where he was found!

Kitten spotted in the Goat Pen

Barney at Home

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