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Granaries are storehouses for threshed grain.  The one on this Farmstead is estimated to have been built in 1868.  It is recognizable because of the beams being on the outside of the building rather than on the inside.  This is to help the structure bear the pressure of the grain against the walls.

As we looked around at the buildings on the property in 2018, we realized that the Granary was in the worst shape.  It was leaning and probably would not have stood for much longer.

The Dry Creek Historical Society partnered with the Boise State University Construction Management Association, lead by Casey Cline, and put together a plan for the restoration of the Farmstead Granary building. The project started with planning in the spring of 2019 and construction started that fall. The building was completed the spring of 2020.  On September 27, 2020 we had a ribbon cutting ceremony which included the members of the BSU Construction Management Association team.  Robert Ostolasa (his family were the last residents of the Farmhouse) was on hand to give some color to the history and participated in the ceremony.


This process sounds simple, but actually the building needed to have a foundation put under it and then restored with the same materials as it was built with originally.  We used as much of the original materials as we could and then made sure that any other materials are a close match to the originals.

Thanks to the Boise State Construction Management Association for all the work in making this happen and specifically to Dr. Casey Cline who spearheaded the project.  Thanks also to Leslie Smith and PPG Paints for donating the paint.

Before Photos

Side - pre reconstruction 2017.JPG
Interior - pre reconstruction 2017.JPG

During Reconstruction

Video of construction - thumbnail.JPG

Interview with Michael Bohl, Project Manager from the BSU Construction Management Association


Interview with DCHS President, Cyndi Elliot, regarding the reconstruction process.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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