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School Tours

In Idaho the 3rd grade is when students learn the grand history of their state.  Education is paramount to the DCHS and we are fortunate to be able to share our treasures with educators in the area.  Read below to see how we partner with our local educators to share the history of the Dry Creek!

Due to Covid-19 adjustments are being made to this curriculum.  Please check back for additional information or please feel free to reach out to us directly.


Attention Educators

Join costumed historians as you and your students venture back in time to learn how Phillip Schick, his wife Mary, and their daughter Clara lived day to day in their Dry Creek Valley Farmstead during the late 1800s.  Join us for an adventure back in time!

Upon your arrival you and your class will be greeted by Dry Creek Historical Society's costumed historians.  Each student will receive a clipboard containing a Historian's Notebook Page, a Medicinal Herb Reference Sheet, and a pencil.  Student will rotate through four areas:

  1. Farmhouse

  2. Backyard

  3. Barnyard

  4. Historian's Discovery Area

During each stop students will have an opportunity to interact with DCHS Historians, take notes on their Historian Notebook Page, and complete several short activities.


  • Procure permission and transportation from administration/parents.

  • Please divide your class into 4 groups. If you will be arriving with another class, each class should be divided into 2 groups for a total of 4 groups 

  • Within each group please assign each student a partner.

  • Each group should have at least one adult chaperone. Please encourage your chaperones to play an active role in the Farmstead experience.

  • The Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead Historic Site tour is mostly an outdoor experience. Please suggest students dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Field Trip will last approximately 1.5 hours. Please plan on arriving at 9:50 am.

  • Please have teachers, students, and chaperones wear name tags.

  • $2.00 per student field trip fee. Please make checks payable to: Dry Creek Historical Society.


The following Lesson Plans, created by a BSU Masters Student, will, hopefully, encourage you to visit to the Farmstead.


  • Standards and objectives

  • Materials and Resources

  • Primary and Secondary Documents

  • Interactive Notebook Ideas

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Information about the Economics of Butter

  • Information on Butter production

  • Information about the Medicinal Properties of Peppermint

  • Information about Herb Gardens functions

  • Step by step ideas for classroom

  • Enrichment ideas and materials

Click the Documents button to access the lesson plans and other documents (this is password protected).

The Dry Creek Historical Society is an Idaho non-profit 501 (c)(3) volunteer, charitable organization established to preserve the Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead and its rural agricultural heritage of the Dry Creek Valley. We look forward to sharing this National Treasure with you and your students.

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